Smart Automation Systems.

Smart Automation Systems since its inception, has engineered, and installed hundreds of systems that offer audio/video, environmental controls (lighting, climate, and energy),

communications, and safety for Residential and Commercial properties in the State of Florida. Now, with more than 13 years of experience, progress, growth and the establishment of a fully refined process and outstanding customer service, our team and results are better than ever. Smart Automation Systems is a full-service on automation. We begin with client consultation by performing proper diagnose of the property and continue with system design, installation, programming, and ongoing customer support. 

Working with a single full-service firm is the only way to guarantee that the final product achieves the original design intent and that the system installed is maintained and kept current as technology progresses. Below is a brief summary of services offered by Smart Automation Systems Design Consultation Smart Automation Systems provides unique insight on current technology trends. The design consultation process begins with a general education on the current state of technology for the home, a review of electronic system approaches and solutions. The process continues with a needs assessment that determines the clients’ requirements based on their lifestyle, budgetary

parameters and performance expectations. 

Installation Smart Automation Systems, Inc

Smart Automation employs a crew of well-trained, highly skilled and hard-working field

technicians who take pride in the quality of their work.  A lead technician assigned to the project serves as a job foreman and directs all site activities. Because we wire, program, test and burn-in all equipment racks and systems in advance at our in-house production facility, work on site is minimized. This approach expedites the installation process and reduces the number and magnitude of issues encountered on site.  

Set-Up, Configuration and Programming Bridging the gap between technology and the user experience is what differentiates Smart Automation Systems most from our competition. We acknowledge that even premium quality equipment professionally installed does not ensure client satisfaction. It is attention to the details like programming the remote control with your favorite channels, syncing the audio

system to your iTunes library, and establishing lighting scenes and camera presets that

personalize the system in a manner that makes the system usable, intuitive and even fun for residents of all ages.


Smart Automation Systems provides a 30 day limited warranty on labor after completion of the project. In the months immediately following the completion of the project, the client is offered a choice of after-care and priority programs. Ongoing Customer Support When Smart Automation Systems accepts a new project, we enter into a long-term client relationship that typically lasts many years and often spans multiple projects. We offer Monthly Priority Service and Alarm monitoring that accommodate to our clientele needs. Combined, these services ensure not only that your systems continue to function reliably, but also that you continue to enjoy the benefits derived from advancements in technology.  Think of us as your personal technology concierge.

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