>  Audio & Video Calibration & Set Up

>  Multi Zone of  Audio and Video

>  Distribution of HD image

>  Distribution of Ambient Sound

>  Use your remote control to Dim the lights and create mood lighting based

on present screens, perfect for business and homes.

>  Integrate lighting control with your Home Theater and Touch Remote.

>  Advance Remote Programming.

>  Macro Remote Programming

>  Multi Zone Remote Programming

>  Access Control On-Door.

>  Access Control Sensors On-Wall

>  Batch Integrated Systems Set Up

>  Finger Print Integrated Systems Set Up

>  Eye Retina Integrated System Set Up

>  Sensor Integrated System Set Up

>  Flat TO On-Wall

>  Projector & Screen Mounted

>  Surround Sound System On-Wall or In-


>  Combination of Services: All of these

    services can be combining with

    the home theater installation services.

    - One Touch Remotes

    - CCTV Surveillance

    - Lighting Control